A long time ago, in a world far, far away… the world ran on pretty lax cables. Unable to keep up with the high-demand borne from better technology, companies traded copper cables with advanced cables.

Thus, the fiber optic cables were born!

Fiber optic cables have grown by leaps and bounds since Dr. Charles Kao began his work in the 1960s. Since his pioneering work fiber optic cables have become thinner, faster, and more versatile than ever.

All Cables Are (Not) Created Equal

Fiber optic cables are a result of their creation. That is to say, what works in one building will not—and should not—work in another space.

Engineers have worked hard to identify different needs for specific industries and have tailored cables to meet those needs.

This specificity has led to significantly more advantages to fiber optic cables over copper cables. We have identified a handful of these advantages to give you the tools to make the best choice for your business.

Faster Speeds

Fiber optic cables have one distinct advantage over copper cables: they are significantly faster! By using light to transmit the data, the fiber optic cables have the ability to run a mere 31% slower than the speed of light. That’s still fast as heck!

Increased Bandwidth

Fiber optic cables were designed to carry more data, faster. In order to do that, it requires greater bandwidth. Copper cables were initially designed for voice transmissions and didn’t require that much bandwidth.

Ability to Travel Longer Distances

Faster speeds mean longer distances! Depending on the network and the cable, so fiber optic cables can carry data as far as 25 miles.

Thinner and More Durable

Thin fibers are significantly lighter than copper. They’re much more durable, too! A lighter cable that’s sturdier than the copper cables? Now, that’s hard to pass up!

Advantages to Fiber Optic Cables in the Workplace

There’s a right cable for every project and organization. Finding the perfect fit can be a difficult, time consuming endeavor without the right expertise. Skip the hassle and call in your professional guide to fiber optic cables for schools, organizations, and buildings in the Norfolk area.

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