Cable management is an undisputed need in the office.

As we lean more and more heavily on digital operations, our growing needs for updated technology will undoubtedly come with cables attached. Wireless is all well and good for Wi-Fi and some computers, but for more intricate operations, one (or two!) cables are necessary to provide the right speed and capabilities.

No one wants to deal with a mess of cables around their feet, on the ceiling, or even the walls. A cable raceway is key to cable management and organization. In this article we’ll explore what cable raceways are and the best ways to use them!

What Are Cable Raceways

Cable raceways connect your cables right to the source. Available in a variety of styles and colors, these plastic or metal tubes work as a tunnel for your cables. Straight from the source, a cable raceway can be installed to house the cables and run it efficiently to where it needs to be.

Cable raceways are the whole package. They’re convenient, affordable, and offer unrivaled protection from human error as well as technical ones.

CableLAN Products offers several versatile raceways to choose from including, one-piece, latching styles, sliding covers, and J-channel styles.

These raceways are seamlessly integrated into your office or workspace without disrupting your current set up or decor. Most cable tracks come with adhesives that can be cut and sized for your needs.

In the Workplace

A cable raceway is versatile because it must fit the application. In the workplace, you may use a different raceway than you would in your home due to the size and location of the cables, and the length of space needed for total enclosement.

Obviously, the type of cable raceways depends on the size and shape of your office, however there are a few popular cable raceways for office environments.

For a simple desk or conference room application, J Channels are the perfect cable raceway choice. J Channels can easily run behind chairs, under desks, and fit seamlessly around a conference room. They usually come with their own adhesives so you can place them where you need them without drilling, screwing, or altering any of your office furniture.

For Industrial/Commercial Applications

Not every workspace takes place in a cushy office. For commercial or industrial applications, you need a cable raceway that’s a little more durable.

We suggest using wire trays for certain outdoor applications. Wire trays are simple, convenient trays for cables to run seamlessly through. The wire tray also means dust and small debris can fall through easily without collecting on or around the cables.

Wire trays are not the answer for every application, though. Fiber optic cables for example are very sensitive and will not be effectively supported by a a wire tray. For more sensitive applications, we suggest a more sturdy cable raceway like Fiber Runner Cable Channels from Panduit.

You can rest easy knowing your fiber optic cables are safe and sound in a cable raceway fit for them.

Looking for Cable Management Solutions?

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