Communication is a fundamental element for survival in our social, modern-day society.

Technology advancements and progression have given various industries the ability to shoot off the ground and make dramatic achievements far beyond their original intention. Universities are no different.

As powerful institutions of higher education and progressive thinking, universities are an excellent example of the importance of integrating fiber optic cables into our workplace. Fiber optic cables provide a level of efficiency that exponentially changes the evolving “playing field” of education, delivery, and student satisfaction.


Universities are expanding at a rapid rate. In order to draw in more students [a.k.a business growth], universities are spending more and more funding on luxury amenities such as fancy dorm rooms, multi-million dollar rec centers with lazy rivers or rock walls, and even movie theaters!

How do fiber optic cables come into play in the equation of growth?


Fiber optic cables work in promoting faster, durable, reliable communicative platforms for students and staff in various points of contact like admissions, registrar’s, financial aid, student services, or even the library.  

Fiber optic cables are, essentially the root of communicative services in universities across the nation. They enable students to voice their concerns, seek the answers they need, and obtain much-needed guidance for success along their academic journey.

Let’s Delve Even Deeper!

You may be wondering….

How exactly do fiber optics work to enhance a daily routine at a higher education institute?

Well, there is increased bandwidth, as well as long-distance capability, far exceeding of copper cables. The superiority in fiber optic performance compared to copper cables leaves the terrain open for universities to communicate with out-of-state students and grow on a national and, perhaps even, a global scale.

Now, because fiber optic cables are encapsulated in glass, they also display superior performance in regards to interference. The compact nature of the wires [hugging each other like a team of feisty ninjas], works against electromagnetic disturbances that would otherwise cause issues for a traditional cable network.

So, we’ve learned thus far that fiber optic cables are: the platform of communicative services for universities, the pinnacle of business growth, and operate significantly better than alternatives.

Pretty magical, right?

But let’s take this even one more step further….

We know that fiber optic cables are a collection of pulsating light. This means that fiber optic cables are working at just below the speed of light to deliver countless amounts of data and telecommunications which are crucial for the growth of universities throughout the nation.

Universities are in a particular medium where communication, research [progression], and efficient data retrieval are vital to the success, growth, and preservation of a prestigious brand name.

Wouldn’t you like a cable working at nearly the speed of light in your office?  

Classroom and Online Action

Once students have applied, been accepted, and are staring wide-eyed at their professor on the first day of an 8:00 am class, how are fiber optic cables producing benefits for both students, staff, faculty, and the university’s brand name?

There are various forms of communication between professors and students such as e-mail, phone, or discussion forums. Now, students are able to complete courses solely online, if they so choose…that means that at 8:00 am students or professors could be at home, comfortably in bed, yet still completing required tasks and assignments from the convenience and comfort of their home.

Online learning has revolutionized the delivery of higher education. Fiber optic cables add to this equation by enabling various institutions in recruiting students throughout the country.

The general rule-of-thumb with tuition is that there is a higher cost for out-of-state students; however, the ability to access online learning has curbed costs for students to a cheaper, fixed online tuition.

This helps students by broadening perspectives of seeking and choosing the right higher educational institution that would have otherwise been previously unattainable due to location or cost.  

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