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We supply fiber optic cable for all applications – indoor and/or outdoor, plenum or riser, commercial, utility or industrial. With decades not only in selling fiber optic cables, but also in designing and manufacturing them, one call to us can answer all your questions easily and quickly.

Prysmian offers one of the industry’s broadest product lines. It manufactures loose tube, tight buffer, ribbon and air-blown cables, for both indoor and outdoor installations. It is the world largest supplier of multimode optical fiber, and is among the largest 3 fiber optic cable manufacturers in the world.

CableLAN is Prysmian’s exclusive distributor of fiber optic cables for nuclear power plants. Incorporating nuclear power plant experience with a quality assurance program that meets the stringent requirements of the nuclear power industry, we offer the only cables that have been qualified for safety related systems in commercial nuclear power plants.

Optical Cable Corporation is the world’s premier manufacturer of tight buffered cables. Whether you require a simplex or duplex cable, plenum cables with up to 144 fibers, or a tight buffered, gel-free cable with more than 1000 fibers, OCC cables meet your needs.

Hitachi Cable America (HCM) has a long history of designing carefully engineered fiber optic cable for best-in-class performance, ease of use and flexibility. Need a custom fiber optic cable or one that integrates copper cable, air tubes or other length-based components into a single cable design? HCM is the one for all of your optical fiber cabling needs.

Remee manufactures both loose tube and tight buffer fiber optic cable under our ISO 9001 Accreditation in Florida, New York. Remee has been manufacturing fiber optic cable for decades and is considered one of the small manufacturing leaders in fiber optic production.

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