Raceway, Innerduct and Cable Tray

Cables are finicky creatures. They get tangled, jumbled, and even nicely laid cables can quickly become a mess. Save time, cost, and effort with a management system that works best for your cabling system and structure. A strong cable management system will eliminate future issues and keep the space clear and clean.
Take the next step towards cable management with accessories from CableLAN Products, Inc.

Cable Raceways

Cable raceways drive your cable straight to the source. Their convenience, affordability, and protection, makes this the perfect cable management system for the home or office. CableLAN Products, Inc. carries a variety of cable raceways that work with various sizes and styles.

Cable raceways are known for their versatility. They are available in one-piece, latching styles, sliding covers, and J-channel styles. These raceways are seamlessly integrated into your home or office without disrupting your current set up or decor. Most cable tracks come with adhesives that can be cut and sized for your needs. Talk about easy application! Contact CableLAN to discuss any accessories you may need for data or power. Management made easy!


Choose from popular polyethylene Innerducts for your cabling system needs. Innerducts are available in a variety of colors, withstanding harmful UV rays and keeping the heat out!

Innderducts are commonly used in three different ratings: outdoor, riser-rated, and plenum-rated. Choose which ratings will be best for your business based on your needs, environment, and your future. Contact us to discuss innerducts in more depth!

Cable Trays

Cable tray systems are the go-to choice for many businesses. The versatility and convenience in size and style transforms the complex cabling needs for many of our clients. They truly are the perfect solution to running large amounts of cables in any environment. Versatility is a common adjective that’s used when describing cable trays. You can choose from baskets, cable ladders, snake trays, or trunking. Each come with their own sets of advantages and show phenomenal support.

Best of all! Most, if not all, of cable trays are easily installed. Contact us to discuss your cabling system needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple solution or highly-customized design, we have the cable tray for you!

Basket-Style Cable Trays

Basket-style cable trays are wired-trays that an be easily placed, mounted, or even suspended. The versatility this tray allows makes it perfect for ventilation. When cables get to warm or heated, it can cause malfunctions. The openness of basket-style cable trays eliminates errors due to easy air flow and a cool construction of steel and zinc coating. Basket-style cable trays are predominantly found in data centers or other highly-connected facility.

Snake Trays

Snake trays is a versatile alternative for cables on the go! These trays have the unique ability to bend in various directions, accommodating to your cabling structure. Snake trays are easily installed by hand, creating a convenience that simply cannot be beat!

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