CableLAN fiber optic cablesConnecting the World with Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cables are truly the unsung heroes of our generation.

These slim cables are much bigger on the inside! In fact, there are thousands of optic fibers within the plastic, outer jackets. Optical fibers are incredibly hair-thin strands of glass that use light to transmit information.

Not only are they faster than their metallic cable predecessors, they have revolutionized the way we communicate.

Step inside and discover what fiber optics are all about and how your company can access a consultation with our cable experts.

The Father of Fiber Optics

Sir Charles Kao, known as the “father of fiber optic communications,” or more applicable, “The godfather of broadband” is the man we need to thank for our advanced communication. In the 1960s, Kao and his team at the Standard Telecommunication Laboratories in Essex discovered specific properties of glass that laid the foundation for fiber optic communication.

Its low manufacturing cost and ability to transmit much more information than copper wire has fueled an explosion in global communications. It is the “concrete” of the information superhighway, said the National Academy of Engineering.

Fiber optic communication is an unprecedented, applicable product that has changed the way we live. Kao was honored for his monumental work in October 2009 when he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. This marked more than an incredible achievement but a familial relief. In 2004, Kao was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The Nobel Prize money was used to pay for medical expenses and treatment.

Sir Charles Kao, his team, and his research helped build the world we know today. Even if it’s not realized, fiber optic cables are everywhere.

Fiber Optic Cable Uses

Underneath the rhetoric and technical terms lays the groundwork of so many things that we take for granted. The discovery of fiber optic communications has connected people across the world, improved lives, and even saved them with medical technology.

  • Internet
  • Cable Television
  • Telephones
  • Computer Networking
  • Surgery
  • Lighting
  • Engineering
  • Aerospace

We can thank Kao for lower costs, too! Prior to fiber optics, bandwidth was limited and incredibly expensive. Today, fiber optic cables and additional products are lowering costs expressed as, “cost per bit per kilometer.” This makes bandwidth affordable, accessible, and allows the service to be delivered all over the world without obscene costs attached to it.

Cable Products for Any Need

CableLAN Products carries electrical and fiber optic cables for all your voice, video and data communication needs. We stock Category 5e and Category 6, and Category Cat 6A electrical cables, coaxial cables and indoor and outdoor fiber optic cables from many of today’s leading manufacturers.

CableLAN’s premium quality cables meet the latest standards. A brief phone call with one of our product experts will give you the prompt answers to your questions about premises and campus wiring options. Contact us today!