Not every environment is conducive to just any old cabling. For the tough stuff, you need reliable cables that can stand the test of time.

Interlocked armored fiber optic cables are built with extra reinforcements, designed to withstand even the harshest conditions. Be it indoor or outdoor, these cables from trusted manufacturer Remee pack the heavy punch you’ve been looking for.

Why the Big Fuss?

Everyone needs high speed connection. Cables, like those used for high speed connections, are a necessity beyond professional use, but personal as well.

If the data is the vehicle, then consider cables the road.

For a direct route, you need a highway super system for high speed connection. That means you can’t just install any cables and expect them to perform to your high standards. You need reliability, durability, and most of all, speed. Armored fiber optic cables are ideal for harsh conditions and tough-to-reach spots.

Built with durability in mind, these cables are great for building-to-building applications, underground, use, and anywhere in between.

High-Speed Benefits

Armored fiber optic cables are versatile and reliable, but let’s dig into the specifics of their flexibility.

Plenum Rated

The list of benefits is long, but their Plenum rating certainly stands out. Plenum rated cables allow cables to transition between spaces regardless of environment. Without a plenum rating, standard fiber optic cables are required to end within 50 feet of a building’s entrance.

A plenum rating eliminates this hindrance, encouraging easy application from room to room.

Water Resistant

Water and cables don’t mix. Thanks to water blocking technology, Remee ensures that there is zero potential for any moisture. If that wasn’t enough these cables include an additional feature that obstructs any water flow or migration.

The peace of mind knowing that your cables are water-free is priceless.

Easy Installation

Standard fiber optic cables are traditionally installed with a tube designed to protect the cable. These are called inner-ducts and they not only protect the cable but also ensure risky cables do not impede any building codes . Interlocked armored fiber optic cables eliminate this extra step by coming equipped with cable protection right from the start without an inner-duct.

By eliminating the inner-duct, interlocked armored fiber optic cables take up less space, resultin in more flexibiliy for your business.

Choosing the Right Cable

There’s a right cable for every project and organization. Finding the perfect fit can be a difficult, time consuming endeavor without the right expertise. Skip the hassle and call in your professional guide to fiber optic cables for schools, organizations, and buildings in the Norfolk area.

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