Fiber optics faster than the the speed of light? It sounds like something straight out of Star Trek, doesn’t it?

It may be surprising to hear that it’s not too far out of the realm of possibility. Fiber optics are the choice for the future. Versatility and powerful connections are attracting professionals from every industry. In fact, researchers from the University of Southampton claimed to discover a method for transferring data near the limits of our universe—99.7% the speed of light. The method in question was a fiber optic cable with a vacuously hollow interior.

CableLAN Products may not be working towards the stars, but we’re still implementing fiber optics in daily operations. Fiber optic cables are the choice for businesses, replacing copper cable alternatives.

Don’t let your business be stuck in the past. Adapt with innovations and connect with your customers. Copper cables were the choice of the past, and many still exist in buildings all over the country. While they are less expensive to connect network devices, they pose more problems than they’re worth.

Find out why more businesses are turning to Fiber Optic cables rather than copper.

Faster Transmission

Fiber optic cable eliminates signal loss and increases transmission right from the beginning. It begins with the manufacturing process. Fiber optic cables are made with light, rather than copper. This allows data to move faster with little to no interference. In fact, data along fiber optic cables travel a mere 31% slower that the speed of light.

“Optical fibre can carry much higher frequency ranges — note that light is a very high frequency signal — while copper wire attenuates or loses signal strength at higher frequencies,” says Associate Professor Robert Malaney from the University of New South Wales, School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications.

Creative manufacturing allows fiber optic cables to travel across longer distances without experiencing substantial signal loss. This is referred to as “low attenuation.” Copper, however can only transmit information up to 9,328 ft, but fiber optic cables can travel from anywhere between 984.2 ft to 24.8 miles.

Impervious to EMI

As previously mentioned, fiber optic cables are made with light. This is the core to their success. Copper cables are made with—you guessed it!—copper. As a result of their material, it is crucial that copper cables are properly installed or else they can produce electromagnetic currents that interfere with other wires and become a nightmare for your network.

By choosing fiber optic cables, you’re eliminating electromagnetic interference (EMI) altogether! It doesn’t just benefit the network, it eliminates a potential safety hazard as well.

There is always a concern with copper cables; a simple spark can engulf a building in flames. Fiber optic cables take fire hazards out of the equation as they do not carry electric current.

Virtually Unbreakable

Don’t let size fool you! The smallest things are often the strongest. Fiber optic cables are manufactured to withstand stress and weight thanks to finely made pure silica and hair-thin fibers. Protected by padding and a soft jacket, optic fibers can withstand the elements and immense pressure.

Unfortunately, not all cables are created equal. Copper wires are susceptible to damage from elements. Heat and interference can cause a pile-up of issues for networks. Copper cables also need to be replaced more often.

Prices vary, but wouldn’t it be better to choose the option that will last you for years? Copper is usually cheaper, but in this business you truly get what you pay for. Fiber optics can withstand almost anything, they travel longer distances, and do not need to be regularly replaced. Think “long-term” and save.

“What about outdoor cables?”

Not a problem! Fiber optic cables can easily be made non-conductive by avoiding metal in their design, eliminating the risk of lightning damage, a common concern. Say “sayonara” to surge damage!

Fiber Optics in the Workplace

Cabling is a complex process that should be carried out with great care. Our team offers the latest solutions. Our team carries electrical and fiber optic cables for all your voice, video and data communication needs. Check out our stock! We carry Category 5e and Category 6, and Category 6A electrical cables, coaxial cables and indoor and outdoor fiber optic cables from many of today’s leading manufacturers.

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