A patch cord, also known as a patch cable, is a length of cable with a connector on each end. It’s used to connect an end device to another object, such as a power source.

Here are some of the most common ways a patch cord is used:

  • To connect a computer to a wall outlet
  • To connect two electronic devices to one another, such as a computer and piece of hardware
  • To carry video, audio, or telephone signals between devices

What Does a Patch Cord Look Like?

Even if you’re not familiar with patch cords, there’s a good chance you’ve come across these in the past.

Generally, a patch cord is made of coaxial cabling. However, it could also consist of single conductor wires, unshielded or shielded CAT5/5e/6/6A, or fiber optic wires.

Here are some features of patch cords:

  • Patch cords are available in almost every color imaginable
  • Patch cords are typically shorter than other types of networking cables, as they’re meant for patching together devices
  • Patch cords range in size from a few inches to a couple of feet
  • Longer patch cords are typically thicker than shorter ones
  • Patch cords have connectors on both ends that are compatible with a variety of devices

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