Running network cable sounds easy enough. While it appears to be a straightforward task on the surface, as you dig deeper you’ll come to find that there are many challenges associated with the process.

Improperly installed cable can result in a variety of issues, including but not related to:

  • Maintenance concerns
  • Reduced network performance
  • Hidden costs

Fortunately, with the right knowledge, you can avoid common mistakes when running network cable. Here are five to avoid at all costs:

1. Forgetting About the Future

It’s one thing to run a network cable today that will give you the performance you require. However, if you forget about future growth and technology, you could make a costly mistake.

For example, a high-end cable may not be the most affordable option right now, but it’ll last longer and provide better performance for many years to come.

2. Neglecting to Use Cable Management

Many people consider the benefits of cable management, just to pass it by because of the additional cost. While the use of a ladder rack, for example, will increase your cost, it also makes future maintenance and installation much easier.

Again, don’t make decisions based on the here and now. Think about the impact on your future.

3. Running Cable Alongside Electrical Cables

An inexperienced installer may never think twice about this. In fact, they may assume it’s the right thing to do, as it appears to help with organization.

However, if you do this, the magnetic field generated by the cable can be disturbed, thus resulting in “noisy” communication that impacts performance.

If you must run cable lines in close proximity to electrical lines, do so in a perpendicular manner, never parallel.

4. Running Network Cable Close to Noisy Devices

Above, we discussed the potential impact of electrical lines on performance. But there are other “noisy” devices that can cause problems, such as lighting, motors, and other types of electrical devices.

5. Ignoring Laws and Codes

Are you familiar with the many laws and codes in your area regarding how you can install network cable?

Most importantly, ignoring laws and codes can put your safety and well-being at risk. Also, if a violation is found, it can result in a costly fine. Not to mention the fact that you may be required to reinstall all your cabling.

If you’re in the market for wiring products and/or have any installation questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.