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CableLAN Products supplies fiber optic and electrical communication cables designed specifically for nuclear power plants. CableLAN is the exclusive world-wide distributor of fiber optic cables manufactured by Prysmian (formerly Chromatic Technologies and Draka Communications), using NQA-1 and 10CFR50, Appendix B quality assurance programs. We also distribute Category 5e cables made by leading manufacturers.

Prysmian, the world’s largest cable manufacturer, is the world’s only integrated optical fiber and fiber optic cable manufacturer with NQA-1 and Appendix B programs. Prysmian’s optical fibers, made by its proprietary plasma chemical vapor deposition (PCVD) process, results in outstanding optical performance and superior radiation resistance of the fiber.

CableLAN Products has more than 40 years experience in specifying, designing and manufacturing fiber optic and electrical safety related cables. We actively participat in IEEE383, IEEE323, IEEE1202 and IEEE1682 standards. We’ve also participated in many other working groups who developed standards for electrical and fiber optic cables used by the utility industry.

Fiber Optic Cables



CableLAN supplies breakout, tight buffer and loose tube cables with both multimode and singlemode fibers. Breakout cables, the most robust design, are easily terminated into almost any connector. Especially popular in nuclear plants, breakout cables minimize the cable’s total installed cost. For outdoor installation, loose tube cables are the recommended design.

All our cables meet the flame test requirements of IEEE383, IEEE 1202 and IEEE1682. Our cables contain no PVC. The cables have proven 60 year life, as determined by Arrhenius techniques and have been tested for exposure to extremely elevated radiation levels.

Cables can contain 62.5/125 or 50/125 multimode, or singlemode fibers, or combination of each. Radiation resistant fibers are available in any fiber type, which have been to maintain outstanding optical performance during and after radiation exposure.

Category 5e and Category 6 cables


Today’s plants use digital communications throughout the facility. CableLAN supplies LSZH Cat 6 and Cat 5e 4-pr electrical cables that meet the flame test requirements of IEEE383 and IEEE1202 andare PVC-free!

Where a plenum rated cable is needed, CableLAN supplies a PVC-free design with fluoropolymer insulation and jacket.

While these cables have not been evaluated for accident conditions, they are suitable for use in cable trays or conduit throughout the plant.

Cable Assemblies and Connectors


CableLAN provides a variety of optical fiber connectors and pre-terminated optical cable assemblies, using designs selected specifically for nuclear plant applications. By purchasing your connectors or pre-terminated cable assemblies from us, you’re assured that the connectors and cable are compatible. Pre-terminated cable assemblies eliminate expensive field labor and are tested for optical performance; therefore, your overall costs are less. We’ve been supplying connectors and assemblies to nuclear plants for many years.

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CableLAN would like to introduce you to our complete range of nuclear power plant cables. We’ll tailor our presentation to your needs and background, and cover both fiber optic and electrical communication cables. Whether you’re a newcomer, or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find our presentation an excellent introduction to these cables, their qualification and selection. Click here to contact CableLAN and learn more!